Day: August 24, 2018

Increase Self Employed!

The House says it is worried about the growing numbers of self-employed people because it creates opportunities for them to avoid taxes. If you’re self employed, it’s important to have solid accounting so you don’t get in tax trouble.

Unpaid Tax Debt Affecting Your Ability To Obtain Or Renew A Passport?

As many as 362,000 Americans with unpaid tax debts will not be able to apply for or renew passports until their debts are settled. The new law requires the Internal Revenue Service and the State Department to deny or revoke passports for people who have an overdue tax debt of $51,000 or more. If…

Taxable Income, But No Cash?

A variety of events can give you taxable income even though you’ve seen no cash. Here’s how it works when you have taxable income but no cash.